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Building a website is like building a house. It takes time and it requires a strong foundation.


If you're like a lot of my clients, you may reside in one of two camps:


You want to start a brand new website for your current business or your new side hustle, so that you can start to generate more income and live a better life.

----- or -----

You work for an established company with a website that just doesn't work, and now you are (unfairly) responsible for rescuing it... and your job depends it.


I wrote this book for you.

For over 15 years I have worked with mom and pop stores, sole proprietors, small firms, companies with 50, 100, 250+ employees - and yes, even fortune 500s.


Start by asking yourself this question:
Do I have the time and the skill to develop this website myself?!


If the answer is YES:

Don't make things harder than they have to be. Pick up a copy of the book below and start to work through it to immediately increase your productivity.


If the answer is NO:

Then it's time to reach out to a Professional Website Development Firm.


If the answer is MAYBE:

Well... then you better just contact me so we can discuss your options!


No matter which path you choose - I will help you build a rock solid foundation, and more importantly, a website that works for you 24/7.

Most Sincerely,
AJ Hauser


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I am very thankful to AJ for helping me to identify the elements of my website that had hindered my company from getting quality web traffic.
— Ilene Berg, CEO @ Ilene Berg Shoes
He quickly harnessed my SEO and is an energetic, super-reliable, detail-oriented, good communicator and he really makes you feel he has your back as part of your team!
— Janet Katalinic, CEO @ ayla™ gloves
Most SEOs are not like this when it comes to quality and effort. I highly recommend.
— Ivy Mulholland, CEO @ Mirza Swim
Working with AJ was awesome. He delivered.
— Fran Hall, CEO @ ShopFAH Boutique

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